The COALSTAR company is the development flagship of the coal industry in Republic of Khakassia.

The COALSTAR company has a license for exploration and production of hard coal within the boundaries of the Mairykhsky and Beyskiy-West areas of the Beyskoye coal deposit.

Beyskoye Coal Field — is the most promising for high-quality power-generating coal stock in the Russian Federation. The development of this raw material area is part of the concept for the development of the coal industry in Russia, which involves the development of new deposits, and the shifts coal exporting enterprises to the east part of the country, that increases the share of Russian coal exports.

On the basis of the coal deposit was created the largest industrial project of the Republic of Khakassia — that is Beysky coal cluster. The total projected volume of coal cluster production by 2030 will be 65% of the total volume of the Republic’s coal production. Major part of this volume will be provided by the enterprises of the COALSTAR company’s holding.

Industrial reserves of the raw coal in the technical boundaries of a licensed areas is — 1,36 billion tons. The first stage of upper coal measures group is planned to be worked out for 34 years.

The production volume of the operating Coal Company Mairykhsky open pit mine Co Ltd. by the present days is 3 million tons of coal per year. In the next two years, the indicators will increase to 5 million tons. With the commissioning of the new «Beisky-Zapadniy” site, by 2025 is planned to achieve a production volume of 20 million tons.

Sales geography

Qualitative characteristics of Coal make it possible to use it effectively at enterprises of the energy complex in the Republic of Khakassia and to enforce the requirements of export contracts without enrichment. I the list of foreign destinations to Eastern and Southern Europe’s side are China, Japan, Turkey.



It was built coal separator plant FGX-48 with production capacity up to 480 tons per hour

It was commissioned an innovative mining and conveyor equipment complex: Liebherr electrohydraulic excavator with a scoop bucket for 22 m3 + BelAZ truck with a carrying capacity of 220 tons

It was commissioned the first in Russia “Liebherr” electrohydraulic excavator with a scoop bucket for 12,5 m3 of the “front shovel” type


Годовой объем производства - 3,1 млн тонн

Ноябрь 2018

5 million tons of coal have been mined since the start of production

BELAZ (Belarussian Autoworks) trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 tons were commissioned.

It’s being received a license for a coal exploration and production in the Beisky-West piece of land.

It was built coal separator plant FGX-12 with production capacity up to 120 tons per hour


In October of 2017 year

It is opened COALSTAR Co.Ltd.

The annual coal production – is 1,8 million tons. The volume of the previous year production were increased in 4 times.

It’s built the infrastructure of the mining and transportation sector

  • repair bay;
  • petrol station.

It’s been put into operation BelAZ (Belarussian Autoworks) trucks with the carrying capacity of 130 tons and Liebherr excavators with a bucket capacity of 12м3

May 19th of 2017

It was mined the first million ton of coal.


It is started the coal extracting and coal conversion. The annual output is 450 thousand tons.

It is finished building of basic infrastructure facilities


August 28th of 2015

The first cubes of coal solid were unload.

The infrastructure objects are being built:

  • buildings of mine site;
  • 2 power lines and transforming substation;
  • waste treatment facilities for quarry water;
  • coal loading station with a crushing and sorting complex;
  • access railroad and station.

It’s been formed the park of the main mining and conveyor equipment.


It was received a license for exploration and production of coal in the «Mairykhsky open pit mine» land’s area.


November 12th of 2013

It is opened Coal Company Mairykhsky open pit mine Co Ltd.


Mr. Khudainatov Edward

Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Varshavsky Boris

General Director.

Mr. Vinogradov Maksim

Director of Coal Company Mairykhsky open pit mine Co Ltd.


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