The treatment facilities of the Mairykhsky open pit mine is the innovation for Khakassia Republic

The main technological scheme for the treatment of quarry waters was launched at the open pit mine in 2016 and now is operating in normal mode. In the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants had been used the best available technologies, taking into account the experience of the world's largest companies specializing in cleaning and water treatment. The cleaning process includes several steps: mechanical, physicochemical, microbiological. All the equipment produced in Germany and Switzerland and is certified, the water at the outlet of the treatment plant complies with the latest environmental standards.

In 2017, have been continuing the project for the construction of wastewater treatment plants. At present time is being built a second reserve tailings pond, which is necessary for sedimentation of suspended pit water, which is one of the stages of a multi-stage purification system. As with the construction of the first pond, the technology is applied using bentonite mats — a modern waterproofing material with unique properties. In addition to high rates of frost resistance, strength and durability, bentomates are the only waterproofing material that is self-healing after cuts and punctures, retaining all its properties, and therefore is a reliable protection against penetration into the soil of any substances. The material is environmentally friendly due to the main component — bentonite clay, that is extracted the fields of Khakassia Republic too.

Today, the Mairykhsky open pit mine is the only enterprise in the republic and one of the few in Russia that uses this technology in the construction of wastewater treatment plants.