COALSTAR company implements the principles of social responsibility through the construction of innovative sustainable production, and through the creation of highly-skilled work position and favorable working conditions, capital investments to the social-economic development of the region, support for the goodwill projects and initiatives.

Разрез Майрыхский и как бизнес и как работа построен на уважении. К территории, людям, окружающей среде.



All production facilities of the mine are built from the standpoint of respect for the environment. Modern electrical substation and power lines are safe for birds and animals Administration and amenity block complexes are heated with electricity. Railway access road and the station allow you to organize the transportation of products exclusively by rail and minimize the man-made burden on the atmospheric air during the export of coal. Modern mining and transport equipment — it is the reduced fuel consumption and minimal emissions to the atmosphere.

Capital investments to the plants and activities of environmental value – is more than $ 3 million.

Waste-disposal plants

The main part of these funds was invested to the building of open-water treatment facilities. At the design and building the waste-disposal plants were used the best available technologies, taking into account the experience of the world's largest companies specializing in cleaning and water treatment. The cleaning process includes several steps: mechanical, physico-chemical, microbiological. All the equipment manufactured in Germany and Switzerland is certified, the water at the outlet of the treatment plant complies with the most modern environmental standards.

Electrical substation

The transformer substation of the Mairykhsky open pit mine has no analogues at the coal-mining enterprises of the republic.

The object is equipped with a microprocessor protection system that allows increasing the reliability of the power supply system and promptly detecting the occurrence of malfunctions. Thanks to the telecommunications system with remote control, the network management center monitors the operation of the substation in real time.

The substation is equipped with a vacuum switches that do not contain transformer oil and SF6 gas which are harmful to the environment. The overhead power transmission lines are constructed taking into account modern environmental requirements for protection from bird death: it is being made with a self-supporting insulated wire and designed in such a way that birds physically can not touch the grounding device and the electrically conductive wire.

Railway infrastructure

To reduce the burden on the environment, COALSTAR initially refused to use motor vehicles when exporting coal. For the shipment of manufactured products, railways and a station have been built, and coal is transported only by rail. The logistics partner of the company is En + GROUP


In the part of the technical equipment of the enterprise, the main priority is given to the new modern mining transport equipment of world manufacturers with reduced fuel consumption, which minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

Labor protection and industrial safety

At the time of construction and development of production, the main preference is given to the most safe technologies and equipment, which makes it possible to ensure high requirements in the field of industrial safety.

In the field of labor protection, the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation are fully implemented. The formation of a Labour safety culture and the strengthening of production discipline are the key direction of the work for all the production services of the enterprise.

Social responsibility

Today the number of personnel in the Mairykhsky open pit mine is 760 people. All workers are residents of the Republic of Khakassia. The level of wages is higher than the average for the region.

For workers are created safe and comfortable working conditions. Modern modular buildings — exclusive for Khakassia — are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, showers, spacious locker rooms, eating rooms, a medical center.

Modern mining equipment allows to carry out the comfortable and efficient work even in difficult climatic conditions.

The enterprise provides employees with free meals, delivery to the place of work, issuing of ration coal, health vouchers for children. Every year expands the social package, rises salary level.

The commissioning of the new Beisky-West site will create more than 3000 new working position.

In addition to fulfilling obligations within the framework of social and labor relations, COALSTAR company takes care of the territory.

Thanks to the current agreement with the Altai region of the Republic of Khakassia, where conducted coal mining and live many employees of the enterprise, it has been implemented programs for capital and current repairs of social facilities in the settlements of the region. In 2017, the open pit mine has provided free coal for heating kindergartens and schools. In the form of supporting charity, education, culture, sports are organized working and landscaping activities without further compensation.

Starting from 2019, will start to operate a similar agreement on social and economic cooperation with the Beysky district — COALSTAR company will send funds for programs aimed at improving the living standards of the villagers.

The Mairykhsky open pit mine — is a large taxpayer. Regular deductions to budgets of different levels are a guarantee of stability and development prospects for the region.

Within the framework of the existing agreements with the Government of the Republic of Khakassia are being financed socio-economic programs.